Established in 2011 by the White Night of the Galleries organizers (Suzana Dan, Silvia Rogozea, and Șerban Jipa), Ephemair Association initiates and organizes projects and cultural activities in the field of contemporary art, designed to develop locally and internationally cultural projects which impact both cultural life and education. Moreover, it targets the development of cultural projects defined by using urban and nature-friendly means of producing works of art.

1.Urban Cultural Intervention: the continuation and development of the projects

•The White Night of Galleries (2007 – present; 8 editions, 27 contemporary art exhibitions initiated and produced)

•Art on Display (2014 – present; 10 projects of contemporary art produced and presented as site-specific to the windows of the shops located on Calea Victoriei and in the adjacent area)

•NAG Pop Up Gallery - Magheru One (2014 – present; 3 exhibitions and 1 performance produced and presented as part of 25 Years After program)

•Bucharest Art Weekend (2014 – present; 1 call for design projects, followed by the production and presentation of an urban art installations in the Old Town district of Bucharest during 16.10.2014 - 06.01.2015) – the production and presentation of contemporary art exhibitions in the commercial spaces of Bucharest temporarily unused by developers / owners, in order to revitalize certain areas of Bucharest, the investigation and launch of similar projects.

The White Night of Galleries organizers intend to continue to encourage emerging Romanian artists by enabling the production and presentation of contemporary art works and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Since the production possibilities in Romanian contemporary art are scarce, WNG continues the series of projects specifically produced for the eight editions of this event, the latter being the exhibition PASAJ, with the artists Michele Bressan, Lea Rasovszky and Larisa Sitar; curator Diana Marincu (MNAC Anexa, 23.05-12.07.2014).
Internationally, the Ephemair Association, together with partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Japan, is preparing an platform structure in which, through the WNG event, will foster a series of artistic residencies and art project production, promoting artists from partner countries within Romania and Romanian artists internationally.

2. Education: continuing the internships program offered to students and young professionals within the Ephemair projects (in partnership with CESI Bucharest). Starting in 2015, as part of a strategic partnership with Junior Achievement Romania, the organization of educational courses for children and youth by means of which they will be introduced to the complex phenomenon of contemporary art.

3. Multidisciplinary Projects and Events: the continuation and development of projects within the platform Trance / Cultural (2012 - present; 1 summer interdisciplinary residency program in Tescani, 2 contributions to the Inner Sound New Arts International Festival in Bucharest, 1 contribution to the European Patrimony Days, George Enescu National Museum, and 1 production of a group work presented in the frameworl of the Water and Art Tower Make a Point inaugural exhibition)

4. EcoArt: continuing and developing ecologically minded projects, such as the International Tree Climbing Day (first held in Romania in September 2007), investigating and launching similar projects.